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Simply Music is a revolutionary, Australian-developed piano and keyboard method that presents a breakthrough in playing and teaching.


The Simply Music method begins by distilling entire pieces into simple shapes, patterns, and concepts that students can clearly see and easily play on the keyboard. With no need to have their attention on music reading, students are free to relate directly to the piano. This approach develops a natural connection to the instrument and has students playing contemporary, classical, gospel, accompaniment, and blues piano from their very first lessons. Unlike learning by rote, the program is tactile, experiential and multi-sensory.

About me: Music has always been an integral part of my life. As a child I had the privilege of taking piano lessons for 10 years, violin lessons for 4 years as well as learning to play the guitar as a teenager. With the Simply Music method, I am now able to share my passion for music through teaching piano. The premise that everyone is musical and can learn piano at any age is at the heart of my teaching. 

Free Introductory Lesson: Please contact me by phone, email or by clicking on the link in the right side bar "contact information form" to schedule a free introductory lesson. Playing piano with the Simply Music method will greatly enrich your life at any age!