"The Simply Music program is a perfect way to introduce your child to music and the piano. The kids learn songs right away not being bogged down with learning notes first. Swenja is such a wonderful teacher who my son responded  to right away. She knows how to motivate each student and gives feedback appropriate to each individual student. She holds them responsible for practicing, but everything is done in such a positive manner and an environment of excitement that comes with each week of lessons. We couldn't ask for a better teacher or better program for our son." (Linda, with son Taylor, 8)


“My daughter loves Simply Music! She is self-motivated to practice every day and is inspired to create her own songs. It is fun, effective, and rewarding. Swenja is wonderful with her students and makes each lesson inspiring and fun. Our house is filled with lovely music!” (Kimmie Bullock)


"I LOVE playing piano! I like learning a new song every week that I can play at home. It makes me inspired to practice every day. Swenja is nice and always takes the fun way.” (Jade, 8)